Christmas Dog Bowties

Woo Hoo!  Santa dropped by and delivered a Hot Digity Dog of a package and inside were the cutest darned doggie collars that you ever did see!  Dress up your pooches this holiday season in style so they feel extra loved and special!  🎄.  Not this collar!  Super sturdy and adorable prints.

Y'all...I only chose a super HIGH quality product for these pooches. These are all hand sewn!   I promise, you will NOT be disappointed. 

Several Patterns to choose from!!!

Size Width Adjustable Collar Fits
XS 3/8” 7” to 11”
S 3/8” 9” to 14 1/2”
M 3/4” 12 1/2” to 19 1/2”
L 1” 15” to 23 1/2”
XL 1″ 19” to 28 ½”

I have S, M, L in stock.  I can get the XS and XL, but it will take a little longer!  Also, my small collars are made in 3/4 Inch width so I can embroider their names on them!!! 

All come with standard monogram or name or phone number! The Bowtie can have one small monogram or short name on the edge if desired.


Choose the Font style from the pictured collars below and write in special instructions!  Choose: Chunky, Tootsie, Button, Biscuit, Bogey, Sadie, Remi, or Molly!

Need help? 

See How It Works HERE!

See Monograms and Fonts HERE!

See Monogram Etiquette HERE!

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How It Works

At Southern Stitched Designs, every item you purchase comes with a standard monogram included in the price of the item. You can choose from any of the Standard Monograms available. If you prefer a name instead of a monogram, that is also included with a basic font. This does not include any additional frames or pictures. Frames, embellishments and all of specialty fonts are available for an additional charge. Extra large items will also have an additional charge. (These are items with letters over 6 inches in height).

If you have your own items that you would like for me to embroider for you, please refer to the Pricing Chart page. This also applies for any additional embroidery you may want to add to items purchased through Southern Stitched Designs. For additional information on monograms, please reference the Monogram Etiquette page.

Not sure where to start? Check out the Inspiration Gallery. Of course, you are always welcome to email with any questions at

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